We know Bitcoins

Trade with a trusted partner. We have been here since 2012. We Bitcoin-ed before Bitcoin became trendy. BitSimple isn't an exchange, it is a direct broker for bitcoins.

Lock Rates Instantly

We will buy your coins, right now, straight from your digital wallet, any wallet. With BitSimple there are no long delays before you can execute a trade because no confirmations are required* to sell your coins. Quit compromising between liquidity and security, our instant rate locks let you have both.

Keep your coins in your wallet

We think Bitcoin is strongest when users keep direct control over their wealth, rather than keeping it parked in large vulnerable exchanges. We are the first to offer deposit-less trading. Unlike traditional exchanges which expect you to put your coins under their control, we say "Keep your coins in your wallet".

Secure Direct Payments

Unlike a trading portal, there is no need for you to share sensitive information with strangers online. Trade with confidence, because you are trading with us. As a direct broker we can provide a level of service you can't get anywhere else. BitSimple can put funds into your PayPal or bank account securely and within hours not days or weeks like the other guys.

Put bitcoins In Your Wallet Today

Need Bitcoins today, not next week? You can lock in a rate in minutes and the coins will be transfered directly to your address today**. Plus never worry if the deal is going to be "canceled". If we make a trade, we keep a trade, no "high risk" cancellations here.

End to End Security

Keeping Bitcoins secure is hard but BitSimple makes it look well simple. That is because we take the security of our platform seriously. Dedicated servers, 100% offline "cold" wallet, secure offsite paper backups, encrypted disks, and smart card secured access are just some of the components to our end to end security strategy.

* Rate is locked when the inbound transaction is visible to BitSimple on the Bitcoin Network as an unconfirmed transaction. Not responsible for Bitcoin network outages or delayed caused due to insufficient transaction fees paid by sender. The deposit transaction will require confirmations before the proceeds of the exchange are available for withdraw.
** For verified accounts only, bank wire must be sent and post at destination bank before daily cutoff to be eligible for same day delivery. Only available weekdays excluding banking holidays. Not responsible for banking delays beyond our control.